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J3’s 4th Birthday Party

We almost forgot to sing

J3 had his first “friends” birthday party this year.  He invited 3 friends for grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries.  The kids also cut out and decorated their own cookies and got some cool “body paintings”!  Check out the picture gallery by clicking on the thumbnail to the left!


J3 is ready for the game!

The Brauns sent us a nice box of goodies this week, just in time for J3’s birthday.  The kids were super excited about opening their presents, so we had to take a few photos.  Also, Thea and I got some goodies as well: a sweet Packers hat and keychain for Thea, and a funny t-shirt highlighting some lesser-known facts about Chuck Norris for me.  Check out the picture gallery by clicking on the thumbnail to the left!  Thanks Aaron, Robyn, Dani, and Clayton!

Autumn likes underwear… on her head

Underwear Where?

For some odd reason, Autumn thinks it’s really funny to wear underwear around her neck or on her head.  The trick is keeping the dirty underwear away from her…

Autumn Likes Coke

Yummmm[image title="Autumn after "getting her fix"." size="medium" id="50" align="left" alt="Cutie" linkto="viewer" ]

But really, can you blame her?  What’s not to like?  Actually, Autumn likes ANYTHING that she’s not supposed to have.

Autumn managed to suck the last few drops of Coke out of this 2L container.  The pictures turned out cute, so I thought I’d share them (with a special shout-out to Cephas, who is the biggest Coke-head I know).