Autumn Likes Coke

Yummmm[image title="Autumn after "getting her fix"." size="medium" id="50" align="left" alt="Cutie" linkto="viewer" ]

But really, can you blame her?  What’s not to like?  Actually, Autumn likes ANYTHING that she’s not supposed to have.

Autumn managed to suck the last few drops of Coke out of this 2L container.  The pictures turned out cute, so I thought I’d share them (with a special shout-out to Cephas, who is the biggest Coke-head I know).

2 Responses to “Autumn Likes Coke”

  1. Cephas says:

    Cute pics! Looking forward to feeding Autumn Coke myself the next time we come out. oh wait.. i mean not feeding her coke….

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