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The Middle of May in Saskatchewan

I had to push hard against a buildup of snow on the porch just to get the door open

I’m just about to head off to bed, but had to share this wacky Saskatchewan weather with everyone. We’ve had a mix of rain and snow throughout the day here, but it didn’t actually start accumulating until late in the evening. The next thing I know, we are snowed in again! Check out the pictures.

EDIT: Added some daytime pictures!

News from Ashley and Tena Duff!

The Duffs with new daughter Alaina

Thea’s sister Tena had her second baby on Sunday, May 3 at 7:30pm. Ashley and Tena named her Alaina Faith. She weighed 9lbs, 3oz (Thea thinks). Tena and Alaina are doing fine and expect to go home tomorrow. Here are a couple pictures:

And click here for a video of Leeyana describing her baby sister (whom she is very excited about)!