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Need to know?!?

Want to keep up with John & Thea?  We added an application to gulrudablog that can inform you via email EVERY TIME is updated!

It’s fast and easy: If you want to sign up for the email list, look for the subscription form at the top of the right-hand column of the “Blog” page.  Input your name and email address into the form and click on “subscribe”.  You will be sent a confirmation email with a link that you must click on to complete the registration process.  If all goes well, you’ll then be sent a “Welcome” email.  After that, you will receive an email whenever we update the site!

Never be behind-the-times again.  Join today!

Thanksgiving Trip

Autumn & Bobby

Well, I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures from our November 2008 trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time, and were able to see lots of friends and family.  We are already looking forward to next year.  There are lots of pictures in the gallery, so click on the picture of Autumn and Bobby or on the Blog’s title to see the pictures!