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Our first “farm” animals

Autumn terrorizing our chickens

I’m testing out some photo album plug-ins with this post.  To see the photo album, first access the full blog post-page by clicking on the picture of Autumn to the left of this paragraph or by clicking on the name of the blog post above (”Our first “farm” animals). On the page that comes up, you should see thumbnails for the gallery photos available. Click on one of the thumbnails to bring up the nice gallery viewer. From there you can use “next” and “prev” at the bottom of the picture or just close the new window and open another. So, here goes the entry:

We finally have our first real farm animals: a dozen chickens that Aunt Martha raised for us.  They are starting to lay eggs for us (yum) already.  Also shown here are a few of our cats and our puppy Sneakers.  Sneakers is a Golden Retreiver crossed with a Great Pyrenees.  We are hoping she will be a great “coyote killer” and keep all of our other animals safe at night!

Also, I’ve included some pictures of a few of our out-buidings.  We are trying to get a number of them covered with steel roofs before the snow flies.

Enjoy the pics! goes high-tech got updated???  You must be joking! got updated??? You must be joking!

Welcome to the NEW  I’m trying out WordPress to manage the website now.  As usual, I’m sure it will take me a while to get things going.  Who knows, it may even get abandoned for a couple of years again!  But, hey, at least I’m making an effort. RIGHT?!?!?

Check back again soon.